3rd Party Code Verification (Blower Door)


*Payment due on date of service. Pricing is for Square footage 2500 or less and within 25 miles of Roanoke, Virginia. 

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Make your building work for you.

Home Performance Assessments

Building science-based diagnostics with a return-on-investment reality check. An audit will pay for itself and is the best single thing you can do for your home.


Code Verification

Building codes are getting more strict about performance targets. Blower door, fan flows, infrared, etc. Compliance without in-field diagnostics is a fairy tale. Don’t be fooled by visual compliance paths!

Diagnostics and Forensics

Wicked problems often have simple solutions. Our building-as-a-system approach finds and solves negative feedback loops. (We do the math).

Design for New Homes, Renovations and Additions

You can trust that verifiable performance is behind every beautiful design we help you create for your new or existing home.

Building Certification

Sometimes, a building certification is required – or desired – to prove a building’s value and performance. We speak LEED, WELL, Energy Star, HERS and more!


Design/Construction Liaison

When you need a trusted navigator guide and verify your objectives are met, whether you are working with another design firm or are ready to build.


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