The Energy Audit

How can you not get one?


Energy Audit: The best (only) way to make your building work for you.

Energy Audit:  The ultimate road map. Get the knowledge you need, with a high-ROI, results-driven, verifiable plan. We use quantitative onsite diagnostics like blower door and infrared technology combined with dual energy modeling (both asset-based and customized) and local market expertise. A Better Building Works Energy Audit is the ultimate demonstration of the adage, “Knowledge is Power” (F. Bacon) And, as we all know, “Power is Money” (M. Rokicki).

Healthy Home (or Workplace) Check-up: When you are worried about conditions that may affect the health of your family or coworkers, this is the way to go. Includes indoor air quality monitors that stay with you in your home or workplace. Discover underlying causes, ways to eliminate asthma triggers and environmental hazards, and create a plan for improvement of your home or facility. Learn more about the value of a Safe and Healthy Home Assessment.

Energy Review:   A lower-cost first step that will give you a professional perspective on your home or facility’s performance, to identify general health, safety, efficiency, and performance  causes and solutions. This can work as a preliminary step to a full Energy Audit or Healthy Building Assessment.

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You’re just one step away from beginning the process of creating a safer, healthier and more efficient home or building that will provide an immediate and compounding ROI.

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Home is where the heart is. Protect your family’s health and your investment.

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Secure success in your commercial venture by with investment-grade capital planning and problem-solving.

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