Residential Services

We make your home work for you.

Using science.

Find The Treasure Hidden in Your Home

HINT: That treasure? It’s probably in your attic. And no, we don’t mean some dusty old thing that’s actually a priceless heirloom like on Antiques Roadshow. We mean that there are simple, affordable solutions – such as proper air sealing – that can generate a huge return on investment over the long-term.

Smart homeowners are taking advantage of the saving potential of their single greatest investment – their home. We can help you navigate the often confusing landscape of improving your home’s energy efficiency by breaking it down into simple, cost-effective options. That way you know exactly what you’re getting for your time and money.

Our 4 Step Process

  1. During our initial consultation, we collect data on your home’s energy performance using visual inspections, onsite diagnostics, including a blower door and use of an infrared camera to find the holes in your home which are impacting your health and costing you money. A comparative analysis of current and past energy bills provides a full understanding of your home’s energy consumption patterns. We gain insight into how you use your home, about your design and aesthetic preferences, and your budgetary needs.
  2. We then create a customized set of services to offer the highest short and long-term return on investment. We meet with you to discuss your options and determine the best solution for your home and budget.
  3. Now here’s the fun part. We oversee the entire project to perform the specific energy efficiency and design improvements and then test your home again to measure the results. The Icing on the cake: Safer and Healthier in-door air quality for your family.
  4. But it’s not over yet! We then help you find any available rebates or tax credits that will help you pay for your project. Then we review your results with you to show your immediate value and benefits, as well as what to expect in the future.

Make your building work for you.

Home Performance Assessments

Building science-based diagnostics with a return-on-investment reality check. An audit will pay for itself and is the best single thing you can do for your home.


Code Verification

Building codes are getting more strict about performance targets. Blower door, fan flows, infrared, etc. Compliance without in-field diagnostics is a fairy tale. Don’t be fooled by visual compliance paths!

Diagnostics and Forensics

Wicked problems often have simple solutions. Our building-as-a-system approach finds and solves negative feedback loops. (We do the math).

Design for New Homes, Renovations and Additions

You can trust that verifiable performance is behind every beautiful design we help you create for your new or existing home.

Building Certification

Sometimes, a building certification is required – or desired – to prove a building’s value and performance. We speak LEED, WELL, Energy Star, HERS and more!


Design/Construction Liaison

When you need a trusted navigator guide and verify your objectives are met, whether you are working with another design firm or are ready to build.

Residential Pricing

Pricing for Services is always dependent on the size and complexity of your home. You can get a good idea of what your pricing might be by using this chart. We can usually get you scheduled within the next two weeks. We’d love to help you!



Ready. Set.

Investing in your home’s performance will result in a safer, healthier, and more efficient home that will provide an immediate and compounding return on investment.


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