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Renovations with Energy and Health in Mind Create A Beautiful, Healthy, Happy Home
A Home To Raise A Family

The Owens came to Better Building Works to design a full home renovation and remodel. Their Dream:  Create a beautiful, light filled home for their family to live and grow in. But these smart people didn’t stop there. At the same time, they implemented energy efficiency improvements to increase comfort levels, and most importantly, create a healthy indoor environment with good indoor air quality for their family to thrive in.

The Design

(Did the Owen’s have any specific complaints about the original layout of the home? ex. not enough windows, no light, cramped, poor functional layout) The improvements to the home are substantial. Site lines have been opened. Views are highlighted. Comfort and usability are the best they have ever been. Windows and skylights now frame beautiful views and allow natural light into the home but are carefully detailed to limit glare and summer heat transfer. The basement now is finished, complete with a stage to inspire the limitless imagination of the children. And solatubes make even the darkest recesses of the basement shine with the sun and glow with the moon.

The Energy and the Air Quality

(Did the Owen’s have any specific complaints about the comfort of their home? ex. too cold/hot, high energy bills, etc) Like most homes, the Owen’s residence was not well air sealed with entirely to many unsealed can lights wreaking havoc in the attic. How Big did the Hole amount to (per air leakage). The unfinished basement was cold, dark, and a little bit dank. And the insulation wasn’t what it should have been. All these problems created energy bills that were just to high, an uncomfortable home, and allowed unhealthy air to seep into the home from a musty basement and dusty attic.
During the renovation work, a few strategically located can lights were air sealed while the rest were replaced with better options. The attic was air sealed and properly insulated and the basement band joists were air sealed to prevent water vapor from entering and creating the musty basement effect. HVAC systems were properly calibrated to allow for a finished, conditioned basement. Was there originally an attached garage> if so include air sealing to prevent car exhaust.

The Love

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January 3, 2019


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