Dan Smith, One Year Later

Editor of Valley Business Front, Dan Smith, ends every email with the following Lewis Carroll quote: “And the unicorn said to Alice, ‘Now that you believe in me, I can believe in you.'” Dan Smith was profiled on our homepage shortly after his home energy audit and retrofit during late summer 2011. Replacement of his HVAC system was in progress, and the furnace had been removed. During that brief period before installation of the new furnace, Dan emailed us, “When I got up this morning at 7:00, the temperature outside was 43 degrees and the temperature inside was 69. I had lost five degrees overnight. I think that’s marvelous.” An Energy Star qualified HVAC unit was installed shortly afterwards. Recently, a year later, we asked Dan if our work had reduced his energy costs. Dan was thrilled to share the results: Heating costs had dropped by over two thirds! We follow up with our clients because, for us, the data is the proof. It’s why our clients believe in Better Building Works and reap the rewards of home energy efficiency.


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March 31, 2018


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