Blower Door Test Process

Required for all new home certificates of occupancy. It’s the Law*

The definitive test to save money, enhance building durability and occupant well-being.

Blower Door Test

The optimal tool to discover sources of air breach in a home. It is required by law for all new homes. Benefits of a blower door test for homeowner include comfort, health, and savings. 

Information needed and conditions for testing:

  • Floor plans, building permit number, and address of job site emailed to [email protected] before blower door test.
  • Successful blower door testing requires that all switch plates, finishes, and appliances are in place (house should be move-in ready).
  • The only building ‘holes’ that can be covered are dedicated ventilation supply vents. A general contractor is responsible to cover these prior to a site visit.
  • The technician carries a 6-foot ladder. If access to areas above 9’-0” is required, the general contractor will be responsible to provide an access ladder.
  • Close proximity and access to the building is needed for equipment transport.
  • The test will not be completed if any safety issues are discovered at arrival on-site, including loose livestock or other threatening conditions.
  • Rescheduling once on site will add $200 to the cost of the initial test.

Pricing:  Pricing is $495 less than 3500 sf including conditioned basement and $595 up to 6000 sf. Inquire for larger homes and/or areas more than one hour outside of Roanoke, Virginia. We will contact you with adjusted pricing if needed. also, payment is due on the day of service.

*2018 Virginia Building Code

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