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2009 Energy Code: What you need to know

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 09:50
Published in News

2009 Energy Code: What you need to knowSome Hidden CulpritsLast week we presented a 2.5 hour class about the 2009 Energy Code to 150 Virginia Building and Code Officials at their 2012 mid-year conference in Charlottesville. So why would a small company like our's be helping code officials, don't they already know everything there is to know about the building code?

This 2009 Energy Building Code (International Building Code of which the energy code is a part) has substantially different building performance requirements. From design through construction stages, more attention is being given to the details of the air and thermal boundaries (building envelope) and mechanical systems. While Virginia has somewhat modified the code with amendments, the Department of Energy will be conducting random analysis of new buildings to verify that standards are met. For this reason, many regions across Virginia are adopting the 3rd party verification options; in particular these may include blower door testing, duct blaster testing and visual inspections by a pre-qualified, certified 3rd party.

That's us!

There is a lot of kicking and screaming, but we are confident that as 3rd party services become main-streamed into the design and construction process, it will make all party's jobs easier and owners will have better, more valuable buildings.

Check back soon for a helpful cheat sheet.

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