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Brain Candy: Energy Efficiency and Job Creation

Saturday, 03 December 2011 15:24
Published in News

Brain Candy: Energy Efficiency and Job CreationEnergy efficiency means more than extra cash at the end of the month: it helps local economies create jobs. Yes it means more disposable income. But a recent article published by The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) puts that intuition into a surprising overall 'jobs per million per sector' perspective.

It turns out that the energy sector (read your local energy utility) generates only about 10 jobs per million while the average over all sectors is just over 17. Dollars saved and allocated elsewhere - almost anywhere else - means a whopping 70% more jobs per million every year.

Not only that: the fact that the energy sector creates fewer jobs per million than other sectors leads to the following conclusion: as we spend more money on energy we actually lose jobs.

Making your building more energy efficient is very good for you - but it's also a fantastic way to help your own community generate jobs year in and year out. Building energy use accounts for 70% of the total electricity use in the country, meaning that there is alot of room for improvement. You can now add 'job creation' to your list of reasons to save energy.

So do what you can as your budget allows. Your investment in building energy efficiency will pay dividends far beyond the dollars you'll be able to put back into your own pocket.

Check out pdfthe fact sheet for more information about how and why. It's fascinating reading.

Brain Candy Rating: A perfect 10!

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