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Veterans and their 'other halves'

Friday, 11 November 2011 14:47
Published in News

Veterans and their 'other halves'Rosie the Riveter showing off her Veteran's Green Jobs TattooWe're all thankful for the commitment and service that veterans and their families have offered - and continue to offer - to our country and the world. I'd like to feature three inspirations to me. I know that you will also be inspired by them if you haven't already.

And there's a great link at the end - so keep reading. I'll try to keep it short.

1. My business partner, Barry Martin.

He's not the self-aggrandizing type, but Barry was a Marine for many years in a variety of fascinating capacities before launching Better Building Works. He brings all those great qualities to our company and to our clients every day. Next time you see him, please, say 'thanks'.

2. Veteran's Green Jobs.

What a fantastic group! They help vets transition to career paths in energy efficiency and energy conservation - among other environmental and sustainable economic sectors - because they want to keep giving to our country. Drop them a 'thanks', too.

3. The families of veterans past, present and future.

They have taken on a sacrifice that is often unseen. My appreciation for their work, loyalty, patience and love is without bounds.

Up until recently, sisters, wives and moms were almost always in the background, but more and more women also serve front and center. My friend, Nadean Carson, now at ECS, Ltd was one of the women who served in Iraq.

To celebrate these wonderful, patriotic, generous people, enjoy this music video:  'Rosie the Riveter' by the Four Vagabonds.

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