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Project Profile: Rech Family

Thursday, 20 March 2014 13:15
Published in Projects

 Rech Residence project profile

Troy Rech

Client Makes Home Renovation Project More Cost Effective While Retrofitting Home for Energy Efficiency

the problems

This two-story Colonial was built in 1941 in the city’s South Roanoke neighborhood. Just under 3400 square feet, the home is made of wood frame construction and has a full basement. The owner was interested in making the family’s home more energy efficient while closing in a screened porch. He timed the renovation with the energy retrofit. The attic contained ineffective insulation and unsealed ductwork and windows were present throughout the home. Several ceiling bath fans were unsealed and in need of replacement.

the solutions

Our staff helped the client prioritize his renovation making the construction project more cost effective and the home more energy efficient. The homeowner removed existing insulation, which saved a lot of money. Blown-cell foam insulation was applied to the underside of the roof deck by our retrofit crew. They weather-stripped exterior doors and windows and sealed the furnace ductwork. Several ceiling bath fans were replaced and surrounding boxes sealed. Substituting LED lighting for the kitchen can lights was explored but found not to be cost effective. The client saved additional funds by installing new Compact Florescent bulbs himself.

the results

"What I didn't expect was how different our home operates now. The heating and cooling systems run very minimally, the rush of air precipitated by opening a door simply doesn't happen, and each room stays at the same temperature throughout the day & night."  Lower utility bills and a quieter and more comfortable home resulted from the work. Temperature variation in each room is now minimal and air now longer rushes in when a door is opened. Work was completed in accordance with cafe2 and Energy Performance Score Guidelines, and the homeowner noticed an immediate improvement.

the projection of return

Due to the retrofit measures, the Rech Family can anticipate over $3,600 in annual energy savings. The ROI for air sealing measures was greater than 41% and the number of times the HVAC system ran dropped substantially. The home's value increased because of the excellent quality of the energy efficiency retrofit and the improved Energy Performance Score will be part of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), should the client want to sell the home.


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