A lot of building science is what we’ve unlearned about design and construction. During our combined 60 years of experience, we have found that a building that looks good isn’t good enough. And likewise, a high performing building doesn’t have to sacrifice design. In our business, it’s important to ensure that the professionals working on your project are trained and certified in order to provide the proper recommendations. We maintain certifications and continuing education with many professional organizations, tools, and standards, including:

RESNET/HERS Residential Energy Services Network / Home Energy Rating System
The energy home modeling and rating tool for the Department of Energy’s Energy Star Program. While Energy Star is typically used for new homes, the HERS rating also useful to boost appraisal value for new homes or after energy retrofit work for existing homes. We’ve completed HERS ratings for numerous homes in Southwest Virginia.

BPI Building Performance Institute
Governs quality standards, protocols, and ethics for energy audits for existing homes. We’ve completed over 300 BPI certified energy audits in Virginia, and beyond.

HHE Healthy Home Inspector
An indoor air and environmental focused BPI home assessment standard. We use this protocol along with our Energy Audits as a matter of course, and have also applied it for clients who come to us with specific indoor air quality concerns, biological growth issues like mold in ducts or walls, moisture and dampness, odor, excessive dust, or other problems that affect their health.

A modeling tool developed by the Fraunhofer Institute with Oak Ridge National Laboratories, that allows realistic calculation of of heat and moisture transport in building assemblies. We’ve used this tool to diagnose existing building problems for residences and commercial buildings, and to test proposed assemblies for new building design or retrofit solutions.

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
The world’s most widely used green building rating system, from the United States Green Building Council. Our team has accredited professionals in LEED’s “Building Design and Construction” and “Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance”, and has been LEED Project Administrators for a variety of Certified, Silver, and Gold level commercial projects.

WELL Building Standard
A performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing. We use this standard as a high level reference when we design, audit, or verify building performance.


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