About Us

Better Building Works helps you find strategic, cost-effective solutions for your energy efficient projects

“Knowledge is power”

Francis Bacon, the father of the scientific method, had it right back in 1597. Knowledge is powerful. Combining our knowledge about design and construction with building science transforms homes and businesses into places that are safe, healthy, conserve resources, and save both energy and money. Our Energy+ROI Modeling means that all of this is possible while targeting a Return on Investment of 20%+/year, every year.

As Virginia’s most trusted and skilled building performance consultants, we care about function, aesthetics and market value. We do this by providing a range of building performance services to create strategic and cost-effective custom solutions for our clients

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We maintain certifications with industry professionals so that you know – we know what we’re talking about.

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Read up on some of our past projects and see how we have helped change their energy consumption.

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Our team exists to help you build the most energy-effective building you can create. We exist for you.

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