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Building science is our specialty.

Applied Curiosity

We make buildings that work for you – instead of giving you headaches (both literally and figuratively!).

So why aren’t you already getting that?

Several years into her design career, Founder Monica Rokicki got her first LEED-accreditation. She proudly told her dad about how it made sure buildings are healthy, sustainable, and conserved energy and water. He asked: “Why aren’t you already doing that?” and related: “Why should I pay more money for something I thought architects were already doing?”

Answering these questions led beyond LEED to the power of building science and the founding of our company in 2011. We have answers to questions like: What is causing this problem in my building? How can I get control of the costs of maintaining and operating my building? Is my building making me sick? and How can I create a great building without getting a migraine?

Our curiosity keeps us learning while we maintain laser focus on market value. Whether you want a formal certification or not; to build new or to improve an existing building, you’ll always get a result that is healthy, safe, sustainable, affordable and fabulous.

Yes, Dad – we are already doing that!”


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Standards and certifications plus the north arrow of your objectives keep the path smooth, direct and in budget.

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Read up on some of our past projects and see the results we’ve provided for our clients since our founding in 2011.

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Our many-brained approach means a team of experts is working for you. We look at every problem from multiple angles.

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