The balance of home ownership and cost efficiency is a clear and ongoing challenge; however, the opportunities to save money in energy costs are greater than you might think; with the right improvements for your home, you will qualify you for big annual savings, which keep on giving!

Coming out of winter and into tax season spurs us to realize the opportunities for tax credits we left on the table, through lack of knowledge or inaction. Can you actually conquer the battle to save on energy costs, and maintain comfort in your home? Our answer is yes: knowledge is power. Simply knowing your home, its strengths and flaws, and the elements contained in it, is your key to major continued savings, year over year. An energy audit is the singular way to know your home and its performance value. Our audit is your guide to make the right move, instead of “improvement” mistakes that could cost you big bucks, without a comprehensive guide.

You wouldn’t have a stint put in your heart, because you heard it increases blood flow, without a thorough examination, testing, and a diagnosis to warrant that surgery first, would you? What if you had a simpler fix, like reducing sodium and cholesterol in your diet? Your surgery would’ve been major, expensive, and might not resolve your issue. Similarly, as building scientists, we believe the only way to achieve savings and home health is to have a “complete physical,” or energy audit, to perform a full evaluation with an extensive, ten-year plan for all aspects of your home elements, including solving existing problems and diagnosing others, which optimizes savings and eliminates throwing money at products that won’t solve your issues.

Everything is connected. Better Building Works offers you comprehensive solutions as an unbiased third-party firm, for your best path to overall energy efficiency, with health, comfort, and your wallet in mind. We can help you realize how you can lower your monthly costs. We do not sell you equipment or products; rather, our mission is to optimize the function and efficiency of your building, whether it’s your home or investment property. (*Watch out for those who sell you advice, along with the products they represent: a perfect recipe for money thrown down the drain.)

Does your house have cooler or drafty areas? And does your insulation work? What’s in your walls, floors, and ceiling can make a huge difference in overall monthly costs. What’s your heat source? You could claim annual tax credits on items from insulation, doors, and windows, to annual credits for heat pumps, solar, and other energy efficient sources. See our tax credit fact sheet.

Your path to maximum efficiency and savings begins with a look at building enclosures, and a focus on indoor air quality, where we see possibilities for the biggest savings. We analyze this along with equipment, appliances, and advantages of electrification and solar, as applicable, all specific to your home. We do not sell you products; our service is our analysis and guide for your success. We stick with you, as you make decisions, to offer our advice and recommendations.

We’re dedicated to helping your building become most efficient, to save you ultimate money by looking at your building as a whole, with a thorough diagnostic/forensic examination, a detailed report and manual, designed to help you implement proper fortification, equipment, and ventilation: it’s what we do.

An energy audit is the first step in solving your mysteries, eliminating the contributing forces of leakage, learning the most effective remedies without throwing money at devices that don’t solve the issues, and saving you money. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires a blower door test for all new construction, as validation of the universal need to keep your eye on energy: for you, your wallet, and our planet.


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