Next up: Andre Desjarlais and Achillies Karagiozis. “What happens at a WUFI seminar…”

Andre Desjarlais is the Program Manager for the Building Envelope Systems Research Program at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His proficiency in building envelope systems and moisture control has been sharpened for over 40 years as a consultant, researching Oak Ridge, as a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and by serving on multiple committees dedicated to the trade. Desjarlais currently serves on Committee C16, Thermal Insulation, and Committee D08, Roofing. His role in the building science community has gained him multiple awards including the ASTM Award of Merit and Fellow, Lifetime Achievement Award, Herbert W. Bushing Memorial Award, Marty Hastings Award.

Achilles Karagiozis is the director of the Building and Thermal Sciences Center located at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Previously, Karagiozis served as a reputable researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for 16 years before moving to NREL. Currently, his specialties reside in solar power and geothermal technologies. Through his years of research, Karagiozis has been published in several renowned journals including Solar Energy, Building and Environment, Journal of Heat Transfer, and the Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology.

Andre Desjarlais and Achilles Karagiozis have been strong leaders in the developmental research that WUFI Analysis technology is built on. WUFI is the current advancement in hygrothermics, the study of heat transfer specific with moisture content. Heat and moisture are coupled and have a direct effect on each other. Elevated moisture levels lead to higher heat loss, and excessive exposure to moisture content results in mold growth. WUFI analysis dives deeper than the basics of thermal activity in buildings to help eliminate hygienic problems that can eventually lead to health risks.

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