As homeowners we go the extra mile to avoid letting danger into our homes, but what about the dangers that are already inside? In 2017 the U.S. Fire Administration recorded over 370,000 residential fires, stating that almost 10% were caused by appliance and electrical malfunctions.

So what can we do to better help avoid a house fire? Franklin Virginia Fire Marshal Bennie Russell has a few tips, “Always stay next to: stoves when cooking, lit candles, or space heaters in use, frequently check and unplug extension chords, and be sure to clean lint from the dryer after each use.”

Additionally, Better Building Works can help protect your home by locating and sealing improper air barriers. Leaky buildings create a stack effect which turns your home into a chimney during a fire, like the one in our featured photo. also has a great safety guide on their website with tips from reputable professionals. An annual inspection of appliances, flues and chimneys, and smoke detectors is also strongly suggested. Your community has your back, so if you are not sure where to start, please contact your local fire marshal for assistance!


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