Even if your house is sealed up nice and tight, water vapor issues can still exist in your home. The simple act of living in a space creates water vapor from things like breathing, showering, washing dishes, cooking, and washing and drying clothes.Typically, the ideal rage for humidity levels inside of a home is between 45-55%. This range is comfortable and healthy for people. The typical outside humidity levels during the summer in Climate Zone 4 (mixed humid) are well over 60%. Higher humidity levels of 60% or more in a home encourage mites, mildew, and mold and can negatively impact allergies. High humidity levels also influence volatile organic compound levels in your home (VOCs). VOCs are found in many things including cleaners and carpets! When humidity is higher, these things off-gas more, elevating the levels of VOCs in the building.The only solution is proper ventilation. If your home is nice and tight and humidity and indoor air pollutants just keep building up without end, be sure to talk to a specialist. Trying to DIY proper ventilation can make things worse rather than better.


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