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See Moyer’s Photo Gallery

See Moyer Photo Gallery

The Moyer’s growing family meant that their house needed to grow too. As much as they loved their house, they were beginning to feel a bit cramped, especially having to share the upstairs bathroom with three children. The Moyers needed a more functional kitchen, a space to work from home, a wonderful family gathering area, both inside and out, an area for family to stay when they visit, and most importantly, a wonderful space of their own with a bathroom all to themselves and a roomy walk in closet.

The Design

An addition was added onto the back allowing a new Living Room to open onto a reconfigured and better lit kitchen. The Living room has built in shelves and cabinets for books, toys, and other beloved items and the kitchen now has its own island and walk in pantry. The dining room was widened by several feet, relieving the cramped space and a small office was added for those occasions when the Moyers need a space to work from home. Upstairs the addition contains a beautiful new Master Bedroom with a vaulted ceiling complete with cove lighting and balcony nestled under the branches of a mighty oak and looking out over the backyard. And let’s not forget the wonderful new Master Bathroom and roomy walk in closet. A lovely old, but disused unattached garage in the back yard was refurbished and transformed into a private guest space, connected to the main house by a stunning new concrete patio edged in brick.

The Energy, the Air Quality, and the Financing

Like all old Foursquare Swiss Cheese Victorian Homes, the Moyer’s Home was full of elements that leaked energy like a sieve. Including but certainly not limited to a dank and musty basement and a dusty, gusty attic. And like all Better Building Works design projects, be they renovations, additions, new structures, or something in between we designed our specifications to remedy these problems for the existing structure and eliminate them altogether in the new structure. This lowers the energy consumption (and bills) and improves the air quality of the home. And since we always design with health and energy in mind the Moyers were able to use the Residential Green and Energy Efficient Appraisal Addendum to get their dream financed for $120,000 (over 20%) more than they would have otherwise been able to. Find Out Why





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