Mystifying, Magical, Curious Unknowns…

Want to know what Better Building Works does?

Better Building Works does not own a “Crystal Ball”. If we did, we would love to use it but we would not really trust it. What we do use and trust is building science, math and a many brained approach, all of which guide the way to safe, healthy and energy efficient buildings.

You are the Hero – you have the power to generate a space where everyone breathes better, thinks better, has more energy and a renewed enjoyment of the space and their lives.

We have the Scientist – that will come to your house or any building that you own, give it a once over with an “Eagle Eye” or will give it a good physical for a more thorough and in-depth report, including the use of a blower door and an infra-red camera. These instruments will help us show you where your building is leaking and how safe/healthy the air that you, your family, and/or employees are breathing is. 

We do the Math – numbers are your friend and they tell the truth. We give you several strategies  for improvements that can be done now or later down the road. You will have the information that you need to be the hero of your building, from the scary safety-first critical steps all the way to the more simple, not so frightening items that can be easily implemented to make everything right.

Need a new design, building plans, renovations? You have come to the right place. Better Building Works implements building science and math in all of their designs.

Don’t count on those beautiful Crystal Balls; Better Building Works will show you the way:

Be a Building Hero!


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