…Those Pesky Bugs are At it Again. They will find any penetration in your home so that they can get in and hibernate for the winter. You know, you will find them in the Spring or if you are like me, when I am making up the guest bed – there they are. I have to shake out the sheets and re-wash them. They burrow into every corner, every blanket, anywhere that it is warm, lay eggs and stay until it warms up outside. 

According to NPR this morning, they are in abundance this year. You can blame fairly mild winters for the past few years for this. NPR mentions several interventions – by other insects and whatnot, but they also say that the only way to really keep them from coming in is to plug up those holes. The problem is knowing where those holes are located. They are not always evident.

I know this because I fought those bugs for a couple of years before finding out where they were coming into my house. Stink bugs are trying to enter my house this year, as evidenced by the picture to the left. They are having a bit more difficulty with getting in this year, as I did have my house sealed. Now the only way they get in is when we open the door for the pets to come in and go out. How did I find the entrance they were using in the past? Better Building Works came to the rescue. They were able to identify the penetrations (holes) and recommend the action needed. I took that action and wow…it is working.

And…there is a silver lining! Not only are the stink bugs totally relegated to the outside, my house is sealed tight, ventilated right, and energy efficient. Turns out that the same holes that allow stinkbugs to sneak into your cozy home are ones your expensive energy uses to sneak out. Better Building Works can help! Give us a call.


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