If you are working with Heidi Cupka . . . amazing! Heidi, owner of Interior Creations, is a local certified Interior Designer who focuses on Commercial projects throughout the region and has the ability to make clean air look its best.

An increase in time spent indoors, both at work and at home, often results in chronic fatigue syndrome, increased allergies, and increased exposure to contaminants (often much higher levels than outdoor air). It is vitally important to acknowledge the effects of poor indoor air quality and also to know how it can be prevented or corrected. Using materials that do not off-gas harmful vapors and removing contaminants from the air by means of mechanical methods are just two ways to improve indoor air quality.

During the design phase of a construction project Heidi has an opportunity to choose many materials that improve or preserve indoor air quality and support LEED credit requirements. These low emitting or toxin-free materials may include:

  • Interior Paints and Coatings
    • Paint, floor sealant, molding finish
  • Interior Adhesives and Sealants
    • Laminating adhesives
  • Carpet and Carpet Padding
  • Flooring Systems
    • linoleum, epoxy, sealants
  • Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products
    • Cabinetry, Interior Doors, particle board, plywood, MDF
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
  • Furniture
    • Finish Coating, Paint, Fabric, Cushion

In 2010 Heidi had an opportunity to work alongside Hughes & Associates Architects to expand and redesign the existing Lanford Brothers office building located in Roanoke, Virginia. This project earned the LEED Silver status, reaching 35 of a possible 69 points under LEED New Construction v2.2. This building was the second of its kind to achieve LEED status in the Roanoke region, a great accomplishment! Among the points earned were a total of four for Low Emitting Materials, similar to the examples listed here. This project is proof that indoor air quality does not have to be sacrificed for good design. You can have the best of both worlds!

With over two decades of design experience, Heidi has integrated affordable, durable and visually creative finishes and furnishings that create inviting, warm atmospheres that can handle the heavy wear of commercial spaces and stand the test of time.

Monica, owner of Better Building Works, has worked on several projects with Heidi and has grown a great trust in her interior design abilities as well as her commitment to the environment and the health of building occupants. A natural small business partnership between Interior Creations and Better Building Works, it is a privilege to have Heidi on our side.

Photos courtesy of Interior Creations. (interiorcreation.net)


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