All renovation projects must reference a set of drawings that show existing conditions. In our field, these drawings are referred to as “As-Builts.” The purpose of as-built drawings is to establish an accurate representation of the building and to acknowledge existing conditions. An investment in the development of as-built drawings at the start helps alleviate surprises during the construction phase and decreases your chances for cost increases due to unforeseen conditions, a real advantage for building owners.

O! We have seen some dumb ones! Garbage in, garbage out holds true. Inaccuracies, missing information and failure to note important features cost the project time and money.

Our goal: intelligence in, intelligence out. Here at Better Building Works, we recently asked ourselves: What makes an “As-Built” intelligent? And can we help you achieve your financial, design and ultimate needs by developing an As-Built that functions as a “Building Balance Sheet™, identifying assets and liabilities so that projects can be scoped and priced with minimal risk and maximized design and ROI?

• Interior and exterior features (what you can see and what you can’t)
• Site features (on-site, topography and what’s next door)
• Photographic documentation (traditional and infrared)
• Building condition assessment (materials, systems, structure, indoor air quality and hidden surprises)
• Accurate measurements (dimensions)
• Building science approach understands the building as a system, combining an energy/water/indoor air quality audit with the as-built field work
• Building Balance Sheet™ quantifies opportunities and risk over time
• CADD and pdf formats for ease-of-use by any project team member
• Owner-directed perspective

Intelligent As-built™ drawings bring tremendous value to a project. With better information and more knowledge upfront, the construction schedule runs smoother and fewer unknown conditions have the potential to increase project costs. Intelligent as-builts start a project on a winning course!


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