The average duct system is about 30% leaky. This is not just an energy efficiency problem (it can make energy bills in summer and winter nearly double). It is a three part air quality problem. High pressure inside leaky duct systems will do three things:

Comfort: It will force conditioned air into unconditioned areas (attics, crawlspaces) at leak locations. Resulting pressure loss makes systems work harder to maintain temperature, and rooms at the end of the duct runs may be uncomfortable.

Allergens: Pressure difference can bring dirty, dusty air into the duct system and distribute it throughout the home or office through supply vents. This dust can aggravate allergies. Worse, if there is mold or other allergens present in attics or crawlspaces, well, you’re breathing that too.

Dust: Bummer. You’re probably dusting a lot, too.

These conditions may be dramatic in summer and winter when buildings are closed up for months at a time. But the solution is relatively simple: Have your ducts inspected. If they are leaky, a qualified energy professional can give you a quote to clean and seal them properly.

So how do you know if it’s done right? Be sure that a pre- and post-DuctBlaster test is done by a local BPI-certified professional so that you have proof. Then, breathe easier and do something fun – instead of dusting – with the extra cash.

In the meantime, open windows on pretty days to flush out buildings thoroughly and prevent indoor air quality from getting progressively worse.

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