Are you a past Better Building Works client? Was an energy efficiency retrofit completed? Are you trying to sell your home? If you asked yes to these questions, listen up!

Disclosure of Green Certifications is now a standard item on the Roanoke Valley Association of Realtors MLS input sheet. What does this mean to you, the homeowner? Better value and recognition for improving the energy efficiency of your home. We hope you have been enjoying the additional benefits of your energy retrofit, including cleaner air and less dust, but if it is time to move on your Energy Performance Score (EPS) should continue to benefit you.

This is a true story . . . .

During an initial consultation with a local real estate broker, I was asked if there were any ‘green’ features of my home (of course there is! After all, I am a Building Performance Consultant . . .) or if the home carried a green certification of any kind. The Green Certification options are as follows: Green Building Certification (i.e. LEED, EarthCraft, Home Performance with Energy Star), HERS Index and EPS. I briefly explained the upgrades that have been completed (enclosing the vented crawlspace, properly insulating the underside of the main level floor, air sealing the mechanical duct work and supply boots, sealing and venting the bath exhaust fans through the roof). The realtor was very intrigued with the information and appeared to understand the great benefits. In consideration of these upgrades, the EPS Scorecard indicates the energy consumption of my home has decreased by 16% and in fact over the past
two years, my budget propane bill has decreased by $35 per month (without changes to the thermostat settings)! With like-minded home seekers on the market, energy efficiency is one more tool to get the job done with a SOLD sign in that front yard. Victory!

This is the best part:

As a client of Better Building Works having completed an energy efficiency retrofit, you too can take advantage of the final EPS provided to you at the completion of the retrofit. Your commitment to the health and safety of your family and desire to reduce energy consumption may give you the added advantage to get your house sold quickly and at a desirable price.

Don’t forget to tell your listing agent about the energy efficiency upgrades completed in your home and the benefits your have experienced.
Check us out. . . . Visit again soon for updates on this adventure of selling a home.



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