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Better Building Works’ Launches “Sharing is Power Project”

Better Building Works, Energy | Design Services in Downtown Roanoke is celebrating their 2nd anniversary with an innovative “Sharing is Power Project”, donating 10% of every energy assessment to local, small non-profits.

“We’ve experienced steady growth during a challenging economy,” said Co-Founders Monica Rokicki and Barry Martin. “We’ve always loved the quote, “Knowledge is Power”. We want to extend that power to our community. So we came up with a new quote: “Sharing is Power”.”

Shared value is at the core of Better Building Works’ mission. Over the next twelve months they will donate 10% of every energy assessment to four partnering nonprofit organizations. They describe their clients as smart people who care about energy efficiency, return-on-investment, and helping their communities thrive and grow. “This is a perfect way to complete the circle and return investments directly to some of our community’s most amazing non-profit organizations,” said Rokicki.

Proceeds from the energy assessments will be distributed quarterly to the four organizations over the next twelve months. The local nonprofits celebrated by the “Sharing is Power Project” range from construction to cultural organizations, and include:

  • Rebuilding Together Roanoke
  • Roanoke Foundation for Downtown Inc.
  • Opera Roanoke
  • The Greater Roanoke Valley Asthma & Air Quality Coalition

To learn more call 540.238.3845 (Direct for Monica Rokicki)


About Better Building Works, LLC: Professional building performance, energy efficiency and retrofit services incorporate scientific building diagnostics with Energy+ROI modeling for greater than 20% Return on Investment in addition to improving property values, safety, comfort and lowering energy bills. www.betterbuildingworks.com; 540.345.0900

About Rebuilding Together Roanoke: Bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners. Over 400 homes have been rebuilt through the use of donations and volunteers. https://www.rebuildingtogetherroanoke.com/ Contact: Ed Murray, [email protected], 540.400.0959

About Roanoke Foundation for Downtown Inc.: Helping the city continue to thrive for industry, education, arts and culture, and recreation. Their mission is to “make Downtown Roanoke the preferred place to live, work, and play.” https://www.downtownroanoke.org/ Contact: Price Gutshall, [email protected], 540.342.2028 x12

About Opera Roanoke: Fostering a wider appreciation of opera in western Virginia by offering compelling performances of engaging productions and programs. An enterprising and resourceful multi-disciplinary organization, Opera Roanoke is a vital component of the cultural life in Roanoke, Virginia’s Blue Ridge and beyond. https://www.operaroanoke.org/ Contact: Teresa Carpentieri, [email protected], 540.224.1259

About Greater Roanoke Valley Asthma & Air Quality Coalition: Improving air quality and respiratory health for the Greater Roanoke Valley through education and partnerships with other organizations with similar goals. The coalition includes Valley respiratory health professionals, asthma patients, and national and state health and environmental organizations. https://breatheroanoke.wordpress.com/ Contact: Stuart Tousman, [email protected], 540-985-40


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