Our clients are the smartest people we know. They understand that the best investment is one that they like, know a lot about already, and already own.

Energy Retrofit ROIs can surprise you – particularly if your home or business was constructed more than ten years ago

When they invest in an Energy Audit and then use our Energy+ROI model to design an Energy Retrofit package that meets their short and long term budget, they experience the returns, and the performance, first hand. Learn how they did it here.


Customized ROI projections use actual energy bills and on-site diagnostics (Blower Door, Infrared Thermography, Zonal Testing, etc). This provides quantitative, scientific inputs for the energy modeling completed for their property – not just average values that may be quite different. And, because modeling is done in current dollars and utility costs so that we can design a set of energy retrofit measures that has the highest possible return on investment. Combined with incentives like rebates and tax credits, costs can be recovered even quicker. And, because utility cost increases average 2.5% per year, ROI increases every year.

Now that’s smart!


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