You have the power in your hands. Did you know that?

This month an existing Appalachian Power Company (APCO) rate surcharge is set to expire, decreasing your energy bill by approximately 2.5%. That is great news, but there is bad news on the horizon . . . . The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) has approved a new 4% rate change what will become effective early next year which equates to an increase of 1.5% over today’s electric bill rates.

So what was that thing about having the power in my hands, you ask? Well, let us share the facts with you. When establishing greater energy efficiency objectives within our homes and workplaces we counterbalance this and future rate increases by lowering our overall energy usage and therefore coal and natural gas usage (in 2015 APCO estimates that 69% of fuel used in energy production will be coal and 21% will be natural gas). Less kilowatt hours used means more money in your hands. Added benefits of energy efficiency often include healthier buildings, more comfortable living and working spaces and more valuable real estate.

We hope you now realize that you do have the power in your hands.

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