Who doesn’t love the game of MONOPOLY? It’s been around since 1935.

Imagine you owned Park Place or Baltic Avenue today, what would be a practical way to save money? You could start with reducing building costs now, reduce maintenance costs for the future and gain productive, healthy and comfortable tenants.


If it’s a new building, Energy Star or LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) for New Construction have already become industry standards for Class A office space. But you could save even more if you could use the building you already own. This is where LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (EBO+M) can be your best move.

LEED EBO+M certification identifies best practices to use less energy, water and natural resources and it uncovers operating inefficiencies. It is the fastest growing segment of LEED protocols.

EBO+M is a road map for property managers and service providers who want to drive down energy and operating costs and corner the market in their neighborhood. Energy performance, green-cleaning, maintenance, water consumption, indoor air quality and materials use are all part of the strategy.

Just imagine the energy (and dollar) savings if all existing buildings in a city implemented LEED EBO+M? Now that’s something Parker Brothers could take to the bank!

from: usgbc.org



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