Think of it: “a new goal for America: let’s cut in half the energy wasted by our homes and businesses over the next twenty years.” This is not that hard to do, but it takes smart people with smart money.

It’s a great investment: business leaders and (even) politicians of every stripe are lining up behind this idea. Energy efficiency is our number one energy resource, according to ACEEE.

And, it’s less expensive to make buildings more efficient than to build new energy infrastructure. Guess how many new power plants could be avoided if increased energy efficiency measures were implemented in our state?

The 2010 VA Energy Plan calls for an additional 14,000 megawatts to meet the state’s growing demands by 2020. This would require  ten! new large power plants. If Virginia reduced consumption by 10% the need for future energy would drop by almost one quarter.  Reaching the 50% goal translates to zero new power plants.

We’re proud to be one of many local companies dedicated to helping Virginia families and businesses while also helping our state – and our nation – become energy smart.



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