Have your home tested for air leaks before performing any surgery for energy efficiency. Comprehensive third-party testing by a certified energy professional will help identify problems and target necessary repairs.

Without it, unintended symptoms could arise such as:

* Attic moisture
* CO2 poisoning
* Sweating windows
* Temperature fluctuations

It’s critical to use certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) professionals to assure your home will be healthy, comfortable and durable – and not merely more profitable or convenient for unqualified contractors. Around the US, states are adopting the use of BPI and HERS professionals as part of the IL building code.

A comprehensive home performance test (energy audit) is worth a minimum of $500. There are some programs out there, such as cafe2, that can help to subsidize the cost. Beware of the ‘free’ or low-cost energy audit: they are not the same thing and are often designed to sell expensive ‘solutions’ that can make your home more unhealthy. While many are well-intentioned, without building science expertise and the right tools (including blower door, infrared themography, combustion testing, etc)  it is impossible to diagnose the real energy culprits, deliver positive return on investment and keep your family safe.

Save yourself pain, suffering and cash by contacting an experienced BPI or HERS energy audit professional today.

From: “Avoid Costly Mistakes and Missed Opportunities: Invest in Home Performance Testing Before Home Improvement” AP Wire, October 16, 2012

By Laura Wasko and Barry Martin




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