Better Building Works ‘House of Numbers’ at the 2012 Energy Expo

Making your home energy efficient yields financial returns year after year. We’ve crunched some numbers here at Better Building Works to understand our real impact. The averages below are based upon the retrofits we’ve completed over the past year.

1. $1,178 stays in your pocket (annual utility bill savings)

2. 2.6 tons: CO2 NOT in the atmosphere (annual CO2 savings)

3. Average simple payback: 5 years, 1 month (after that it’s pure gravy)

4. 19.5%: Annual return on investment (try that in the stock market)*

5. 42%: Average efficiency increase (over 60% for three of the “swiss cheese Victorians” we’ve helped)

6. 20%: cash retrofit rebate from cafe2 for energy efficiency (making returns and payback even better)

7. 100,000: number of homes in the Roanoke Valley that could benefit from energy efficiency work

8. $1 million: annual local dollars in our economy if only 1% of Roanoke Valley homes were retrofitted

9. 90%: amount of time the average person spends indoors, more for the very young, sick and elderly populations.

10. Utility prices increase on average 2.5% per year. This means your return grows as well. (All our numbers above use current, 2012 utility prices … expect them to increase due to recent storms and normal inflation).

Contact us to learn your numbers and make your own smart investment.

*Range of savings varies with the conditions of the existing home, but in all cases the ROI has exceeded 10% … in two cases is more than 40%!


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