Are you hesitant to make your home more energy efficient because of the cost? If so, consider this, The Appraisal Journal reports that energy efficient homes have an increased market value of $20 for every $1 of annual energy savings. These findings equate to nearly $10,000 in increased home value, on average.


Folks from Alaska to Florida are now seeing the value of energy efficiency. These homes sell faster and for more than their neighbors, a distinct edge in a sluggish real estate market. Compared to other renovation projects, efficiency upgrades are affordable and can be completed in less than a week. In addition to saving money, homeowners and their family benefit from improved air quality, comfort and safety.

Not just anyone is qualified to help, though. Be sure to call on a BPI-certified building performance expert to find out how you could increase the market value of your home.

Oh yeah: and there are probably incentives to sweeten the deal. Call us to find out if there’s some energy candy out there for you!



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