Everything is Connected.

We design, create and problem solve with building science.



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Let us help you design your new building or renovate with confidence. Aesthetics are empowered with building science, from the first moments through project completion.


Audit the infrastructure of your building to identify the most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency, safety, health, and market value of your building.


Be sure every aspect of your project is completed to the highest standard before you write the final check. Or take it to the next level with a HERS rating, LEED, or Energy Star.


We’ll find causes and solutions as an impartial third-party verifier for mysteries large and small, then submit a definitive report on what needs to happen to make things right.

Buildings Have Fingerprints.

It’s Elementary: Building Science reveals the source of the most mysterious problems—and then some.

We Are Building Scientists: And we don’t stop until we have successfully identified causes and solutions to the most wicked of building problems. Our building-as-a-system approach allows us to define and optimize hidden feedback loops that are not apparent to others.

Fingerprints Lead to the Culprit: Just as humans have unique fingerprints unto themselves, all buildings are different and each one deserves distinctive design/build considerations. Each building is a “system of systems”, with a multitude of areas that can influence how a building works or doesn’t work.

One Thing Leads to Another:  “Everything is Connected” – and not always in a positive way. One faulty system or problem can influence how another system is behaving and most likely will create a problem that might not otherwise exist in another part of the building.  

Third Party Verification: Third party verification is often necessary to assist in mediation of problems during or after construction, and after occupancy has taken place. Better Building Works impartially examines mysteries large and small, identifies the real problems, and offers a report, to include what needs to happen to make things right. 

“I just want to express my sincere thanks to Better Building Works and their brilliant, dedicated staff. One year post energy audit of our 1895 7-story warehouse building turned artspace we have implemented about half of the suggested improvements. The results are fantastic. Our energy annual energy bill is 25% less, which translates into $9000! Great people to work with! Even provided a roadmap to make it happen!” 

-Kim Soerensen, Executive Director

“Better Building Works has helped me with two projects — one for business and one at home. They are professional and attentive to detail. Bonus: They came to Blacksburg for us!”

-Leslie Hager-Smith

“My wife and I engaged Better Building Works to audit our home’s energy consumption, present us with a plan to lower our energy costs, and implement the improvements outlined in the plan. They delivered very well on all aspects. Now the heating and cooling systems run very minimally, the rush of air precipitated by opening a door simply doesn’t happen, and each room stays at the same temperature throughout the day & night. Thank you for all of your efforts!! “

-Troy Rech

“No one should build or renovate a home without the services that Better Building Works provide! Their knowledge and expert advice will assist you in building a more efficient and environmentally healthy home which reduces your energy costs forever. Their service is one that more than pays for itself.”



-Elizabeth A. Spencer Moore

“I had a home energy inspection in the summer of 2016 – Hannah came by and did a great job diagnosing my problem areas and finding low/no cost ways to improve the efficiency of my home. The Better Building Works crew are knowledgable, passionate and lots of fun to work with. They make making big decisions easy because they really explain your return on investment.” 

-Ariel Lev

Ready. Set.

Choose us to make your building work for you. Investing in the health and performance of your building will result in a safer, healthier and more efficient enviornment with beneficial impacts for your family, friends, colleagues, and community.


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