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Francis Bacon, the father of the scientific method, had it right back in 1597. Knowledge is powerful. Combining our knowledge about design and construction with building science transforms homes and businesses into places that are safe, healthy, conserve resources, and save both energy and money. Our Energy+ROI Modeling means that all of this is possible while targeting a Return on Investment of 20%+/year, every year.

As Virginia’s most trusted and skilled building performance consultants, we care about function, aesthetics and market value. We do this by providing a range of building performance services to create strategic and cost-effective custom solutions for our clients.

Hannah Utter

hannah utter

Hannah Utter
Resilient Design Advocate

A high school drafting class was Hannah Utter’s first introduction to architecture. Now, Hannah has graduated from Virginia Tech's architecture program. What she likes best about design and architecture is, “You can do it your whole life and never do the same thing twice.”

Her curiosity and willingness to try new things gives our team a fresh perspective. Her design talent is expanded by her exposure to building science and our systems approach.

Hannah’s favorite piece of architecture is “Falling Water” by Frank Lloyd Wright. When she thinks about designing, the process begins with an emotion and the way she wants people to feel in the space. From there, she gets a visual and then just starts drawing. She looks forward to the day, “when she gets to try everything.”

In her free time Hannah loves to read fantasy and science fiction. She is a talented artist as we have come to know at Better Building Works and Hannah also enjoys riding her horse, Piper.

Get ready world: A new kind of architect is on the horizon.

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