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Project Profile: The Grasty Residence

Monday, 17 March 2014 00:00
Published in Projects

Grastyhome project profile

Grasty Family

Family of Four updates century old house to high energy efficiency standards

the problems

The Grasty home is located in the Old Southwest Historic District on a busy thoroughfare in Roanoke. The 1915 wood frame construction covers 2200 square feet. This older home had minimal insulation and experienced air leakage at doors and windows and at plumbing, electrical and HVAC penetrations.

Project Profile: Simmons Family

Friday, 14 March 2014 00:00
Published in Projects

Simmons project profile

Sharon Simmons

Fixed Income Client Gets Control of Energy Bills and Refinances More Valuable Home

the problems

This 1920s, 800 square foot home in Roanoke's Riverdale neighborhood was originally a two-room structure that has been expanded with two small additions. The roof and front porch were modified in the early 1980's by Total Action Against Poverty (TAP) and mechanical equipment was updated in 2006. Fast forwarding to 2012, high energy bills, dust and drafts prompted the homeowner to contact the Community Alliance for Energy Efficiency (cafe2). Retired and on a fixed income, the rising utility costs were a big monthly dent in the budget. Through cafe2, the homeowner learned about the team at Better Building Works, LLC (BBWx).

Project Profile: Dan Smith, Homeowner

Sunday, 02 October 2011 12:59
Published in Projects

Project Profile: Dan Smith, HomeownerDan Smith

homeowner, grandfather, environmentalist, editor of The Valley Business FRONT

the problems

On the verge of purchasing the home that he'd been renting, Dan wanted an assessment to identify any hidden issues, fix a pesky hot/cold spot on the second level, and find out if the house was insulated properly. He didn't think we'd find much, though, as the house was "tight as a tick" in his words.

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