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Project Profile: Tiffany Residence

October 02 2014
Published in Projects

Tiffany house photoThe Tiffany Residence

Home Retrofit Work Minimizes Drafts, Moisture Issues and Gives Heat Pump a Rest

the problems

Built in 1950, this 3400 square foot brick-veneer home presented several heating challenges during winter months. The family room was cold, the front entryway was drafty and the heat pump ran constantly. A geothermal system was installed by a previous owner which worked well in the spring, summer and fall seasons, but expensive electric backup heat was over used during the winter.

Project Profile: Rech Family

March 20 2014
Published in Projects

 Rech Residence project profile

Troy Rech

Client Makes Home Renovation Project More Cost Effective While Retrofitting Home for Energy Efficiency

the problems

This two-story Colonial was built in 1941 in the city’s South Roanoke neighborhood. Just under 3400 square feet, the home is made of wood frame construction and has a full basement. The owner was interested in making the family’s home more energy efficient while closing in a screened porch. He timed the renovation with the energy retrofit. The attic contained ineffective insulation and unsealed ductwork and windows were present throughout the home. Several ceiling bath fans were unsealed and in need of replacement.

Project Profile: Creamer Residence

March 18 2014
Published in Projects

Creamer project profile

The Creamer Family

Client Goes the Extra Mile to Make Home Energy Efficient

the problems

A 5,700 square foot home on the fringe of Roanoke provided a welcome opportunity for energy efficiency. This 1992, all-electric structure was built with two heat pump systems. The performance of the HVAC ducts and water heater were poor and attic and basement insulation minimal. Although the forced air system provided adequate heat, the air conditioning was only average. Utilizing blower door technology, the energy audit indicated air leakage of the home to be three times greater than normal. This is equivalent to almost a 3 foot square hole. Our crews noted a lack of insulation in many areas, unsealed supply vents and a dirt crawlspace.

Savor the Profits!

March 14 2014
Published in News



Skip the bouquet and go straight to the bottom line. Energy efficiency just got sweeter for wineries and other agricultural producers. With the passage of the Farm Bill, agricultural producers and other small, rural businesses, may be eligible for grants and guaranteed loans through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture.

God Save the Queen!

January 29 2014
Published in News

queen elizabeth

Just heard on NPR that with all this cold weather, Buckingham Palace is looking to energy efficiency to help reduce costs. At 77,000 square feet, an energy upgrade that saved just 20% of their energy, the Queen could save this much:

$160,000 per year!

This big number is partly because the cost per kWh in Great Britain is somewhere around $.52 - a little more than four times what we pay here.

Cold Snap Top Ten

January 06 2014
Published in News

DIY hat

1. Hats aren't just for people. If your house has a good 'hat' (air and thermal barrier) on the top, it will be a LOT warmer.

2. Step away from the thermostat! Heat pumps go into emergency heat (or worse, freeze up) if you move the temperature more than one or two degrees at a time.

3. Help your heat pump: set it a bit lower, but wear layers to keep warm.

4. Unvented gas fireplaces can be deadly. (And so can any fireplace, vented or not). Don't leave it on all night - even if it's tempting. Any fireplace, but especially unvented gas fireplaces, can produce enough Carbon Monoxide to make you very sick - or worse.

Victory: EPS Scorecard

January 06 2014
Published in Knowledge

 VictoryVictory is ours!

Are you a past Better Building Works client? Was an energy efficiency retrofit completed? Are you trying to sell your home? If you asked yes to these questions, listen up!

Disclosure of Green Certifications is now a standard item on the Roanoke Valley Association of Realtors MLS input sheet. What does this mean to you, the homeowner? Better value and recognition for improving the energy efficiency of your home. We hope you have been enjoying the additional benefits of your energy retrofit, including cleaner air and less dust, but if it is time to move on your Energy Performance Score (EPS) should continue to benefit you.

This is a true story . . . .

Dirty Air, Cancer and Energy Efficiency

October 22 2013
Published in News

Smoke stack 2"It's official. Breathing dirty air causes cancer." This is the first line of a recent email from Diana Christopulos.* The source of her information is a breaking report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in conjunction with the World Health Organization.

Addressing Climate Change

June 13 2013
Published in News

Addressing Climate ChangeThe President's recent address on climate change is intended to speed up America's efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The plan sets a 17% reduction goal of 2005 levels by 2020. Targeted are electric power plants to reduce emissions (40% of US carbon), while increasing reliance on natural gas and renewable energy. Improving efficiency of trucks, businesses and homes is included in the plan to help prepare the country to deal with higher global temperatures.

Smart People, Smart Energy, Smart Money

October 24 2012
Published in News

Smart People, Smart Energy, Smart MoneyBetter Building Works is one of several companies providing presentations on energy efficiency at the 13th Annual Green Living and Energy Expo. Join us Friday, November 2 at 3:30 for our talk and be sure to visit our booth at the tradeshow.  For more information,

See you there.

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