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Is Your Building Making Your Employees Sick?

July 14 2015
Published in Knowledge

We all know that air pollution is bad for our health. In fact the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified air pollution as a carcinogen that kills more than 7 million people annually around the globe. But did you know that indoor air quality (IAQ) can be 2-5 times worse than air outdoors and in extreme cases 100 times worse? Your employees are spending 40 or more hours in your building(s) each week. Is the air they, and you, are breathing making them sick and less productive? Is your office’s indoor air quality hurting your bottom line?

Gas mask

Project Profile: Tiffany Residence

October 02 2014
Published in Projects

Tiffany house photoThe Tiffany Residence

Home Retrofit Work Minimizes Drafts, Moisture Issues and Gives Heat Pump a Rest

the problems

Built in 1950, this 3400 square foot brick-veneer home presented several heating challenges during winter months. The family room was cold, the front entryway was drafty and the heat pump ran constantly. A geothermal system was installed by a previous owner which worked well in the spring, summer and fall seasons, but expensive electric backup heat was over used during the winter.

Project Profile: The Grasty Residence

March 17 2014
Published in Projects

Grastyhome project profile

Grasty Family

Family of Four updates century old house to high energy efficiency standards

the problems

The Grasty home is located in the Old Southwest Historic District on a busy thoroughfare in Roanoke. The 1915 wood frame construction covers 2200 square feet. This older home had minimal insulation and experienced air leakage at doors and windows and at plumbing, electrical and HVAC penetrations.

Business and Home Owners Can Cool Their Energy Bills

August 12 2013
Published in Blog

thermography-280x300With rising energy costs continually being pushed at consumers, regional businesses have found a way to help rescue their local communities. Better Building works was featured in a Roanoke Times article that showcased the benefits of energy assessments for homeowners. 

Sharing is Power!

July 24 2013
Published in News

Celebrating our third year!Celebrating our third year!Celebrating our third year!


Better Building Works’ Launches “Sharing is Power Project”

Better Building Works, Energy | Design Services in Downtown Roanoke is celebrating their 2nd anniversary with an innovative “Sharing is Power Project”, donating 10% of every energy assessment to local, small non-profits.

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